Rice and Beans Vintage Chanel

May 16, 2016



If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind vintage Chanel, look no further than Rice and Beans Vintage. What I love about this Chanel backpack, besides the fact that it is Chanel and gorgeous, is that it is hand’s free. I can carry my essentials and still have hands available for my little ones who invariably come with all those spills and hugs. A great thing to keep in mind about feature pieces …  always pair your feature piece–for me it’s my jacket with all its intricate lace–with a subdued color like black so as to keep it chic and not too loud. For instance, if this jacket was white, I would wear white jeans. It’s all about balance. And in order to let the jacket and Chanel shine, I chose my go-to nude sandals because that’s all I really needed for date night. Well, maybe a margarita or two but I wouldn’t limit that to just date night. Follow Rice and Beans Vintage on Instagram to see vintage Chanel as it arrives!

Vintage Chanel Backpack RICE and BEANS VINTAGE / jacket THREE FLOOR/ black jeans STROM / sandals SAM EDELMAN 



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  • That jacket is AMAZING!!


    • thanks Krista! love how it fits and the lace 😉

  • mariannenavada

    Love the details of the lace top! The pictures are so bright and with the yellow door, you really captured that SoCal Spirit. So glad you moved here <3

    • so glad I met you girl!!! And Jana found this awesome door, loooooove it.

  • Ruthie

    Stunning Shalice!!! Always on fire.

    • Thanks Ruthie, can’t go wrong with Chanel XO

  • arcreid

    Great photo essay!

  • Leyla

    I love two things about this post…the yellow door and the Chanel…Well, really three…YOU! Just gorgeous outfit and you! Keep rocking, Shalice!

    • Leyla – thanks I always enjoy seeing your Chanel collection. Come visit LA!!

  • Rockin’ it all the way Shalice!!

    A x