5 Kid Friendly LA

May 9, 2016

Here I didn’t know @arcreid was behind the lens. I kinda love the real life un-posed glimpses. 







LACMA  Greenery, great art, sculpture and if your kids aren’t into 18th century Nöel Hallé oil on canvas, square sculptures that are the perfect backdrop for Christmas pictures. Gorgeous. Located: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 

WINSOME Awesome food in a very laid-back, kid-friendly environment. The friendly receptionist handed each of my four kids a pipe cleaner (in their favorite color) and then took us to the outdoor seating. I enjoyed my duck egg toast amidst lovely olive bushes and indigo pillows, and nobody cared about my chattering kiddos. Between the fact that my kids cleaned their plates, the brilliant and hard-working pipe cleaners, and the ambiance, Winsome is a score in my book. Don’t pass this one up. Located: 1115 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

DINOSAUR COFFEE  The indoor/outdoor seating was convenient, and the staff was friendly despite our 6 year old touching the sea salt brownies (which turned into a great reason to add it to our purchases). Also noted, great white space for that still life instagram in case you’re into that sort of thing. The almond milk latte was nutty and rich, and when we left, we could see the HOLLYWOOD sign on the horizon. So LA. Located: 4334 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles.

LACY PARK 30 acres of park that is bike, kid and dog friendly. We can’t get enough of this park. It’s free during the week, and its $4 for non- residents on the weekends. It’s our kids’ favorite so far. Located: 1485 W. Virginia Rd, San Marino.

MANHATTAN BEACH This is our favorite beach! Don’t forget the aquarium at the end of the pier with sea creatures and a touch pool. When you’ve had your beach fill, there’s plenty of restaurants, ice cream shops (coffee ice cream at Manhattan Beach Creamery!) and coffee hangs to walk to afterwards. Located: 400-500 The Strand, Manhattan Beach.


Cali locals, what are some of your favorites? I’m all ears . . .

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  • I love Lacy Park! Such a nice place to hang out!

    • Jennifer – yes! Thanks for reading. I want to do a picnic next 🙂

  • michelle

    would love a fellow chicagoan’s opinion… we moved to san diego from chicago last year, but now we are looking to relocate to LA (for work purposes). we are coming up to LA next week to look at houses in manhattan beach, pacific palisades and cheviot hills. would you recommend any other locations to check out? looking for something family friendly with possible walkability or short drives (walkability is tough in CA!) to restaurants, beach, stuff to do! we previously lived in bucktown in chicago and loved it, but looking for more of a suburbs in the city/family feel now that we have a child. thought i’d see if you have any suggestions! btw, i love your style, and your family is just so beautiful. i’ve really enjoyed your instagram account!! thanks for all you post, blog, do… it’s appreciated!

    • Hi Michelle!! – oh my we used to live in Bucktown! Well, the first that came to mind is Pasadena – and South Pasadena, really cute streets, walkability (depends on a couple factors) Otherwise, we love Manhattan Beach. The feel is so family friendly – gorgeous updated library, walks to the beach, brunch and not far from the downtown commute. Your visit will help a lot to get a feel for different streets and neighborhoods. Best of luck. We’re new here (3 mos, haha) but forward any questions and I’ll try and answer – XOX shalice

      • michelle

        Shalice, thank you so much for the thoughtful response… I really appreciate it, especially given how busy you are. I may take you up on more questions after our LA trip if you don’t mind. So far, we are pretty sold on Manhattan Beach, so I’m very glad to hear you love it. We are trying to stay west of the 405 for close proximity to work, otherwise Pasadena would be a good option too.

        Btw, when I told my husband I had asked you about LA he said, “is this the stylist that influences all the Nordstrom boxes that come to our house”… umm, yes! You might say I’ve bought a few things you’ve posted 🙂

        • michelle – hahah hilarious. should I apologize? LOL. Yes, feel free to send a question or two when you get here and I’ll do my best to answer! good luck! X

  • Ann

    The sleeping in the stroller! Love it!! I saw it on your snap and wanted to tell you how much I loved seeing that image! My kids (13, op– turned 14 this last weekend! and 12) are much too old for the strollers. Although with tween tantrums you never know!

    I don’t live in Californina, but I was born there! And, I’ll be visiting San Diego this summer. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

    I really enjoyed your reviews despite my locale though Shalice. Great posts these days. Keep it up!!

    Love, Ann

    • Ann – haha tween tantrums! I know it goes soooo fast ;/ Trying to enjoy it NOW while they’re content in the stroller. I’m excited for your San Diego trip!Thanks for being such a faithful reader – GRACIAS!! XO

  • Such a fun post! I’m putting all these places down on my list to visit. BTW: The stroller sleeper is my favorite. I miss those days…because I normally get to finish my coffee or wine in peace. LOL!

    • Leyla – haha yes, at least one sleeping is always a bonus right? LA after Paris! XX

  • Arcreid

    This day was such a fun day.