Rethinking Ruffles

May 11, 2016

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Anyone who knows me well knows that I stay away from too many ruffles and neon pink, the latter of which makes me gag. However, Chloè’s new line is convincing me otherwise.  That said, I do feel more like myself when I pair these white ruffles with an edgy leather jacket and versatile tan boots. This look also works with wide leg pants and Chanel flats to dress it up.


 Sporting these white ruffles, I can’t help but feel more feminine and girly.  It’s all about options and using the same pieces multiple ways. And should you (or your pint sized loved one) spill salsa on your romantic ruffles, there’s always a tide stick. 

Jeans ‘leigh’ TOPSHOP / Boots ‘tan’  TOPSHOP / Ruffle top FOREVER 21 SIMILAR love this by FRAME / Leather rider jacket OAK LA / Lips STILA ‘beso’

Felicia Lasala Photography

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  • Marianne Navada

    There is so much joy and character in these photos! And your hair looks fab. All that and having an awesome outfit. Love it!

    • Thanks Marianne! It was a great wall we found off Sunset!

    • Ann

      Ditto! I agree with you Marianne! So much joy!! A x

  • This is such a happy post! Your smile!!! Yay! I especially looooooove the last picture! Frame it!

    • Thanks Leyla! Felicia did awesome and I’m slooowly taking off the sunnies 😉

  • Ann

    Felicia really does a nice job of capturing you Shalice. Wow!! Special pics for sure.

    You’re so pretty!!

    Love, Ann

    • Ann! haha thanks – she’s so good and we had a fun day together ;0