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RetailMeNot: My New Can’t Live without App

December 12, 2017


We recently purchased an oval marble table for our dining room and I was on the hunt for the perfect chairs to match. I felt some pressure because I had purchased some chairs in the past we had regretted, they fell apart easily and were uncomfortable to sit on. However, I was determined to make this a better situation. I did some research, even asked readers and followers on Instagram stories what are their favorite furniture brands. I finally put together a couple looks I loved on Pinterest and boom, my vision for our dining room was taking shape. I ended up choosing two velvet chairs from Anthropologie and 6 from The latter was a sizable purchase so I did what I always do, check and see if I can find a promo code. Those who know me well, know I love coupons (though I’ll admit I have zero time for them now) and my mom used to pay me for the coupons we used on our grocery trip. That early training sparked my habit for always looking for the best deal. My mission was to find antique gold cafe chairs and find them before Thanksgiving. That’s not too much to ask for, right? So when I was ready to check out and purchase the chairs on, I noticed the promo code was empty. I looked for a promo code for on RetailMeNot. A site I had used a couple times before. I’m happy to announce that I found a promo code that saved me $100 off on the chairs and called Reid at work who was proud of me for doing the research and most of all, finally picking out chairs. Now, before every purchase, I check RetailMeNot, just in case, so as to not miss a promo code that could potentially mean huge savings. Also, I recently downloaded the app, chose my preferences, mine were kids, fashion and of course, shoes. I didn’t turn on post notification ( since that makes me a little crazy) and signed in seamlessly with my Facebook account. What’s your next big or small purchase? Whether its a gift for your mom, your son your co-worker, a new vacuum or like me, 8 new chairs, take my advice and check RetailMeNot first. You will thank me later. and by the way, the app is free 🙂

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  • Kim Dixon

    Love your holiday table setting, festive and inviting! You’ve inspired me to make more of an effort in my home!

    • Aw thank u! I’m crazy about eucalyptus in the house – so festive 😉

  • Renee Swider

    Not buying at full price= LOVE. Thanks for the tips…

  • Abby Joy Willig

    Love it! I’m usually too busy or lazy to do this, but you’ve inspired me!

    • Haha Abby! But if I can do it so can you 😉 xx

  • Mary Chavez

    I love seeing how you decorate your home! And I will have to try RetailMeNot

    • Aw thank you Mary! Thankfully Reid and I have similar home taste – phew!!

  • Nicole Weber Kerstetter

    Agree! Like! Yes! My husband is a genius with coupons and it stems from growing up home schooled and with a dad that decided to go to medical school in his 30’s. The family was scraping by and sample day at the grocery store was “a special outing!” I love your cozy chairs and appreciate your eye – you inspire me every day. So on this day, your birthday, I wish you the best celebration and joy imaginable! Cheers to you, beautiful friend!

    • Wow I loved that! So much character building 😉 You’re a joy to have in this digital space, Nicole! Xx

  • Lynn Hawley Fogarty

    Im a huge retailmenot fan too!!

  • Laura Dye Gorelik

    Always cool, Shalice!
    Parabèns! 💃🏽
    (I’ll be celebrating mine Friday!) Cheers!

  • Anna Young

    Your style is so different than my own, I think it makes me enjoy your stuff more! So refreshing!
    Love money savers! I’ve never heard of this app, thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Anna thank you for the compliment 😉 Yes it’s a huge saver and I was so excited to save in my chairs!

  • Carly


  • kim

    Been using this app for yrs., it’s great 🙂

    • Glad to hear! I love how they combed so many brands it’s like a one stop shop xx

  • Jennifer Do

    I make it a goal to only shop when i have some type of coupon code too! 🙂

  • Suzy

    Great idea. I’d not heard of this before.

  • Angela Kim

    gotta try this! thanks for sharing

  • Jocelyn

    RetailMeNot is a lifesaver! I also can’t live without Ebates. Love your decor too!

  • Katie O’Brien Sperling

    Love RetailMeNot! Shopular is another great discount app to check out! Always time for a good deal! 😉