10 years – our engagement story

September 28, 2016



10 years ago this week, we got engaged. Here’s our story . . .

We had been dating for about 6 months when my family took a trip to Southern France to stay in a cousin’s chateau.  Although Reid and I had a rough journey there, with cancelled flights and unexpected layovers, we made it.  Vineyards and lavender fields dotted the countryside and the charm was undeniable. We picked fruit, perused french markets, and did all the things you think people do in Southern France. I had no idea that Reid was going to propose, but after a dinner date one evening we returned to the field behind the chateau where music  from Pride and Prejudice came floating out from under the canopy of the willow tree. Stepping through the hanging curtain of leaves, there was a gorgeous table spread with desserts, flowers, and candlelight … and an uninvited yellow lab, no joke. It was breathtaking, and obviously, I said yes. We’ve had some great years and some rough years, with 4 children pretty close together (hello, Irish twins), countless diapers, too many moves to count, and 7 architecture exams. He was and still is my best friend and I hope and pray our children have a similar story if not one to best it! And if I could tell my 20 year-old self some advice? It would be to worry less and take risks. God is good.

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  • You two are the cutest! Love this, and what a wonderful engagement story!

    • Thanks Jenn! I still can’t believe it’s been 10yrs! Feels more like 5, lol. Happy humpdayy! Xo

  • Kristy

    So in love with belle sleeves! You two are simply adorable. Such an inspiration.
    xx – Kristy

    • Thanks Kristy, I’m loving all the OTS and bells 😉 a decade went in a flash, I guess that’s a good sign xo

  • Erika

    Awee such a sweet story Shalice and so beautifully written! xoxo Erika

    • Thx Erika! Let’s meet up in chi next time! Congrats on your marriage!! X

  • Jackie Welling

    This is adorable – these days it is seeming rare to find love stories with longevity and romance like yours. Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks, Jackie – Praise God! Definitely its a daily work of art worth working at XO Thanks for your kind words.

  • Carrie Colbert

    Ah, I loved reading this! Congrats to y’all. What a sweet story and beautiful photos.



    • Thanks Carrie – now, where did 10 years go?! <3

  • What a beautiful little love story . . . You two look so happy and beautiful together. You know when true happiness exist when you cannot hide that genuine smiles! Congratulation on a 10th year anniversary to a beautiful chic looking couple! 🙂

    Stay chic and fabulous! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    • HI Mia! Aw thanks for always your sweet words.

  • How sweet and what a romantic place to get engaged! Congrats on 10 years, that’s really something to be proud of!

    • Thanks Mary-Katherine, yes thank God! I’m grateful we have such a great story to share with our kiddos. xx

  • Aww what a perfect proposal! Congrats to you two and your wonderful family! I love the advice – couldn’t agree more!

    Cheers to a lifetime of love xx


    • Thanks Zahra – I thought he did an ace job – and thanks for reading. Don’t you wish you took more risks?

  • What a beautiful and romantic story!! I can totally relate how knowing each other for only a brief time is enough to tell if you’re going to marry them. Oh and you two look like models <3

    • Marianne – thank you babe, it really is true- we didn’t date long haha. No regrets!! <3

  • Jennifer Do
    • Thanks Jennifer, the Brooklyn Bridge is magical!