The High and Low of it

November 1, 2014

What would you do with $500 to invest in your closet? Well, one reader asked me so I’ve answered with both high and low end options for must have fashion that won’t break the bank. The low end picks are even under $300. Eek! As you already guessed, I’m loving the slightly destructed denim, duh, fur trimmed coat, statement bag and mom friendly flat that we can all stand behind. Even the girl who swears by heels will be a fan of these. Thankfully, Isabel Marant even admitted a pair of jeans are safe to buy on a budget. <Phew> Add this soft tee and you have an effortless more bang, less buck for that c’est la vie not every piece I own is a rent check I’m still saving for my Paris soiree look.

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  • Absolutely love every single one of those picks! And the high/lows…perfect! Because, even though I'd love to, I can't go high in everything! I even love more that I have such a beautiful gal, inside and out, styling me!! You are a breath of fresh air! Xxx

  • hi shalice!!! just found your world here from your beautiful IG world. nice to be here. gorgeous stuff and gorgeous gal. thanks for sharing your love and heart.

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