July 18, 2014



Peek top in store now similar //silence + noise jeans similar  //Zara cuff // clutch similar //wedges similar //

Ray Ban aviators

On our way to the Nordstrom children’s shoe department to raid their balloon supply, my crew couldn’t help but pet the plush kittens in the children’s department and I couldn’t help but notice this Peek peasant top. It’s a girl’s size 12, but fits like a woman’s small and was marked down almost 50% off during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Score! I love it paired with flares, a vibrant clutch and a chunky cuff from Zara also on sale now. Stay creative, and never rule out the girls (or boy’s) departments as a creative and (sometimes) cheaper alternative. I love Peek’s whimsical design so I will be back despite today’s shortage of snacks. You never know, your next score could be hanging right next to a plush kitten on your way to get balloons.

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  • What a fun top on you – and I am loving the shoes!

  • Super soft and comfy too πŸ™‚

  • Love the blouse! It came from Nordstrom? It piqued my curiosity because I work with an indigenous community here in Mexico that makes tops exactly like that. So I was wondering if Nordstrom sourced from here in Mexico or was "inspired by" and had it made elsewhere. Does the tag indicate country of origin? Beautiful blog and amazing photography! Muchos saludos from Mexico. –Courtney from Chiapas Bazaar

  • Courtney, How cool! It was made in India actually. I would love to get my hands on an authentic one.
    Thanks for following along XO

  • Anonymous

    Cute top. I think I will attempt to find an adults one. The children's would never fit me! Lucky you πŸ™‚