{Giveaway} Matt Bernson

December 11, 2014

One of my favorites, Matt Bernson is giving away a $500 shopping spree at mattbernson.com. The contest begins Thursday, 12/11 and ends Thursday 12/18 at midnight EST. No purchase necessary. Just sign up with your email HERE and leave a comment on this post with your favorite style. I’m obviously loving the Marlowand the Alpha. How about you? As for winning, one of MY blog readers will be chosen at random Friday, December 19t.   That could be you!
Happy Friday EVE!

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  • Love the Marlowe!!! They are the perfect bootie! Versatile and could be paired with pretty anything!

  • Tundra!

  • I too love the Marlowe, although the Saint Denis feels festive and perfect too πŸ˜‰

  • Oh my word, how does one even choose a pair?! I love so many, but the Orchard style caught my eye because I have not seen a shoe like that one before. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the Marlow as well!

  • Wow, I also love the Alpha. But also the Darby, Orchard, the KM Gladiator. So much good here.

  • Whitney Michelle Style (on instagram @whitneymichellestyle)

    Done! Love the Hudson satchel and Grand Prix Jardin boots…oh and diamond bar ring!

  • Emily S.

    I love the Flores, the Isabel, and the Marlow. Thanks!

  • I love Flores, Jagguar and Marlow!

  • I love the Holt & the Casidy boots!

  • Tiffanie

    I love the Tundra and the Windsor!

  • I love the Alpha, Holt, Marlow and Jagguar!! Love Matt Bernson!

  • Lily Duarte

    In LOVE with the Marlow! Casual chic at is best!

  • Love love love the Marlow! Need some new black boots!

  • Love the Marlow!

  • Marlowe!

  • ALL amazing! Garcon and Arrow are tops!

  • Marlow all day long!

  • Holt!!!

  • Marlowe forever. Amen.

  • Nolita are so cute. But the popular Marlowe are amazeballs too.

  • I love Cassidy and Flores. So much gorgeousness over there!

  • Allie L

    I am loving the arrow and marlow designs right now! And I adore the way you styled them here!

  • Wow!!!! Isabel, Holt. Live

  • Love the Marlow & Orchard! Everything is amazing though!

  • I adore the Shelby, and Flores is stunning!

  • Umm where do I start with which ones I love, the Kent, Holt, Flores and the Darby. Love so many of them.
    xx, michelle

  • Marlow, Alpha, Holt…I love them!!!

  • In love with the Marlow!

  • Alexis Burt

    Garçon and Holt!! Love love love <3

  • I dig the Filmore in Black! It would be something totally different from what I own. πŸ™‚

  • Really like those shoes look chic and comfy

  • My pick would be Marlow hands down! Fingers crossed!

  • First time I came across you on Instagram, I fell in love with your style. Of course, that day you were wearing Matt Bernson shoes and I've been a fan ever since. Trying to figure out what shoe to get as I love the Marlow as a staple but would love to pretend I could pull off the Selby πŸ™‚

  • Marlow and Tundra!

  • I love the Jaguar!! Also, the Holt in red. Beeeeautiful!

  • Hmmm… Marlowe and Mercer ?

  • Love the selby and the marlow!

  • Drooling big time, for the past few weeks over the Marlow Chelsea bootie! Simply perfect! Love all the styles, though! Matt Bernson makes a chic, statement that is walking artwork!

  • Selby in charcoal + cognac. Gorgeous!

  • The arrow, Flores and bar necklace! Swoon!

  • The Marlow's are amazing! Sophisticated, yet edgy at the same time. So chic! Love them!

  • Im definitely a Jaguar girl! Edgy but classy.

  • Alpha, Selby and Jagguar. But how to choose?!

  • I love the Hudson satchel. LOVE

  • Love the Marlowe and Tundra boots!

  • The Marlowe and Alpha are heaven but I've been chasing the black Jagguar all over the Internet and they're out of stock!!!

  • Love the Marlowe and the Jagguar booties – so good!! xo

  • Love them all, especially the Selby!

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome give away! I am having a hard time choosing – the Jugguar and Marlow are ReALlY cute. The Grand Prix could make a great statement too. Happy Holidays!!!

  • So nice..its really hard to just choose 1 Fave but I would say the Garcon in Black and White plaid!!! Super cool!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a Tundra girl… Thank you Shalice for all the love!!! Xo Mollie

  • I LOVE the Flores and Grand Prix Jardin. Thanks Shalice and Matt Bernson for this giveaway xo!

  • LOVE the Marlow! Purchased them last month thanks to your blog and get compliments on them all the time! Kimberly

  • jc

    jagguar is my favorite boot these days, but i'm coveting selby, garΓ§on and tundra! πŸ™‚

  • Elizabeth Linfield

    Love the Marlow!

  • I need the Marlow and all my jeans hemed above my ankle!

  • The Marlow in Bourbon + Charcoal Wool!!

  • Love the Tundra boot!

  • Marlow & Selby!

  • I love the Tundra but my top two are the Orchard and the Flores!!! LOVE! xo

  • Love the Alpha, and even though I'm short I can't say no to a great flat – also love the Wren!

  • I love the harrison crossbody. Thanks for hosting!

  • Marlow are calling my name!

  • I love the Love Sandal!

  • Love the Holt in burgundy birch!

  • Love the Holt….and the Marlow…..and the Tundra!

  • love the Marlow !!

  • I love the Izabel flat!

  • Love your style! && loving the Marlow!!

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  • Ginny Misner

    love the tundra and the marlow! πŸ™‚

  • Love the Holt in Burgundy Birch, it's the perfect Autumn color!!

  • Dying over the Marlowe booties!!! Xo

  • Anonymous

    Marlowe- bourbon and charcoal πŸ™‚ Leahjaneb

  • Marlowe!!

  • Love the Marlow boot!

  • Love them all!

  • Love the Marlowe! Classic. And I'd wear the hell out of a new pair at my new job.

  • Jagguar!

  • I love the Arrow booties!

  • booties are actually my life! love the Alpha!

  • Love the Marlowe

  • Um hells Ya! The Marlow… No doubt

  • Oh my, I think this was the hardest decision I've had to make! The Cassidy, Arrow & Marlow. All so gorgeous!

  • Mary Rose Giles

    I love the orchard pair, really cool buckle detail!

  • Looks like the Marlowe boots will allow me to run after my three kids and look stylish at the same time. Win win!

  • Hard choice between Arrow and Maitland!

  • I'm totally loving Finn for a shoe, Arrow for a boot and Marlow for a bootie! I love the unique designs and practicality of it still. Would love to own any some day. Thanks for your great instagram posts!

  • I am in love with the Shelby boot! Those would be a perfect date night pair. However, the days I'm toting around my 3 kiddos, I'd have to go with the Marlow. What a sa-weet giveaway!

  • I love the Marlow – it goes with everything!

  • I love the Marlow and the Holt!

  • Tundra

  • Alpha babyyy! ~Fawn ?

  • Oh wow what beautifully unique shoes! I'd say the Jagguar and the Marlows are standing out to me!

  • Torn between the Marlow or

  • I love the Marlow!!!! ✨?

  • The Holt was made for me! That blue color is rich with just the perfect amount of sass!

  • Love the Marlows!

  • Those booties are the bomb!

  • Jagguar definitely!

  • Obsessed with the Alpha too! But also love the Holt in Burgundy. Eeek what an awesome giveaway! xo

  • Absolutely adore the way you style the Marlow in Navy Blue! So chic, yet practical too! πŸ™‚

  • Alice M.

    Decisions decisions! My fav is The Garcon. The black pair are beauties :).

  • Alpha is gorgeous, also loving the GarΓ§on. Thanks for the chance.

  • I absolutely love the arrow bootie!! All of the shoes are beautiful. Great giveaway!! XOXO

  • I love Matt Bernson booties and shoes. So kind of you to have a give away to one Lucky winner.
    Love the Marlow. Happy Holidays!!!

  • Tundra & Selby…. I could mention half a dozen others I'd pick also πŸ˜‰

  • Lori Franz

    Gimme the Marlow!! Awesome giveaway!

  • The Marlow looks rad with everything you pair it with but the Arrow boot also caught my eye πŸ™‚

  • Love the marlow and prix jardin!

  • Oh. That. Marlow. Goodness!

  • Love the alpha!

  • The Marlow is my favorite but I have several close second choices. Amazing shoes!

  • The Marlow is on point but it's so hard to choose with so many amazing styles!

  • Love the Alpha, Marlow and Jagguar. Perfect for Chicago winter style.

  • Love both the alpha and marlow!

  • I knew you once upon a time in a homeschool group. πŸ™‚ If I had a choice the Orchard bootie would be my pick. Love it!

  • I absolute love the Alpha in brown! The black Marlow is beautiful as well! πŸ™‚

  • obsessed with the tan and black marlow! I need this shoe in my life!

  • Anonymous

    Love the Marlow. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Marlow – in any color! So beautiful :]

  • Marlow & Saint Denis please!!!! Yes yes yes.

  • I love the Holt in Navy Birch

  • I love the marlowe!!! I love this blog!!!!

  • This is my FIRST time hearing about Mattbernson shoes and I'm obsessed. Thanks for sharing!! Hands down the top 3 are Marlow, Kent and Garcon.

  • Roland Garros in Slate Suede is perfection! xx

  • Mercer and Marlow pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. k bye πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy and tundra! Love!

  • I'll take a pair of Windsors, please!

  • Jen

    I don't even care that I'm in Hawaii, the Tundra is my fave!

  • I'll take the Selby on a date with my hubs. whenever we find a good babysitter.

  • Maybe if you go back to drum. Haha

  • Anonymous

    Oh I love the Verona shoe, but of the boots the Holt is my favourite! Absolutely adore the Hudson satchel and the bar necklace as well! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! – Anna Beckman

  • Choosing one is not easy! I do love the Holt though!

  • This is my first time checking out all things Matt Bernson & lets just say I am pretty much heart eyes over everything! LOVING it all! I think I'm with you in obsessing over the Marlow but Alpha & Holt are a close second and third! Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • Meeglea

    The Marlow in black is my fav! But they are all amazing!

  • julie hertz

    The Holt in burgundy birch

  • Arrow. But choosing just one is simply impossible.

  • Alpha or jagguar! Beautiful just beautiful. I hope I win πŸ˜‰

  • Alpha! Or marlow for sure! Oh, well hello there Selby !

  • Lynn Relf


  • Obsessed with the Tundra (in bark!), and who DOESN'T love the Alpha!? Ooh la lah baby <3

  • Love the Alpha! so many great shoes! ?

  • Really like the Marlow and the Alpha.

  • Mercer!

  • Definitely digging the Alpa in Cognac!

  • LOVE the Holts and Marlows!

  • Alpha!!!

  • Done! I love the Marlow and the Alpha – in black!

  • The Marlowe – the navy/black combo is so chic and what's not to love about the felt?!

  • Loving the Holt, but oh those Tundras look wonderful for a Chicago winter.

  • Ann

    The alpha would be great! (Ann.swindell (at) gmail.com)

  • Elizabeth
    What's your ig name? Thx!

  • :: Elizabeth Linfied is the winner!! :: She will be notified by email. Thanks for all your entries and visiting the blog. Stay tuned for more giveaways. Happy Friday!