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February 11, 2015

I couldn’t get her out of this outfit. Favorite part? The thumbholes!

Mine Capri // Jacket c/o Albion fit // Rings // This and this underneath //
shoes // Also love these in red

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I like working out as much as I like going to the dentist. That said, my husband’s idea of a great date night, is a date at the gym. Him showing me the next move while I’m showing bad form. Us both laughing . . . at my expense. It’s really fun. Ha! While you may safely assume I prefer catching a hot coffee to go and late night thrifting, you may not know I actually love these three easy workouts. Because for my sake and yours, they can be done at home listening to your favorite channel on Spotify and some dumbbells. A couple things to keep in mind to keep your fitness goals are: actually set goals, never underestimate the power of new sneakers or a workout top, use those dumbbells the kids keep rolling around the house, and reward yourself. Whether its dark chocolate, a mani/pedi or a new pair of jeans
Rewards work.

(Disclaimer: please pardon my ridiculously tired eyes captured during the insane hour of 5am. 
Thank you mom for taking the kids so we could actually get to the gym)
Let’s dive in.
1. Start with light cardio, such as spinning. It’s kind of like warming up your car on these frigid winter days. You will get your heart pumping and your muscles loose, ready for training. Plus, it’s fun. 

2.  Start from the ground and work your way up, with lunges. Warning this looks easier than it is. I was hurting on day two. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, using whatever weights you can grip comfortably at your side. Take a natural step forward with your right leg and bring your left knee to the ground, (just like that day he proposed) then repeat to the opposite leg. This tones the glutes and quads, and keeps your heart pumping. Keep dreaming of that mani/pedi!

3.  Squats! The hubs says squats are the best all around exercise that supports strength at your core, and you don’t have to be a power lifter.  Hold a weight straight in front of you, shoulder height, and act as though you are going to sit on a chair.  When your hamstrings are parallel to the floor, stand up keeping the weight level with your shoulders. Ouch. No pain no gain.
 4.  With the weight straight in front of me and shoulder height, I rotate my waist to the right and left side working my midsection. It also tones my arms and shoulders. It’s a twofer.

That’s a wrap! Date night at its best.
Thanks Albion Fit for sponsoring this post
 And special thanks to Reid, my husband, partner and friend, for your huge contribution! 
Stay tuned for a giveaway with Albion Fit on instagram 

Shalice Noel

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  • I really love your LEGS FOR DAYS! Absolutely covetable!

    Thanks for posting about a somewhat easy (in understanding not probably execution–but no pain no gain! You're right!!) workout routine. I'll be on the beach next week and will have to give it a try.


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  • You guys are seriously adorable, date nights at the gym?! Thanks for the great tips…those are 3 exercises I can do! I especially love the part about rewards… that's the part I always forget!! Xx

  • From personal experience, a new top goes a long way helping meet goals. Thanks for reading xxxxx

  • Ha! Let me know how it goes!! Xo

  • Shalice,
    Good tips, I teach Pilates and squats are the best…make sure your knees don't go over your toes, take it up a notch and squeeze a playground ball between legs. And I am all about the incentive except mine is in the form of a donut.

  • Good tips! I seldom pass on a glazed myself ?

  • I wanted to follow you on bloglovin but I can't find a bloglovin link for you! please email me at cstone412.cs@gmail.com so I can get that extra entry! I do no t see a bloglovin link anywhere

  • nevermind I did a a search and I found you 🙂 I am cstone412

  • Great! Thanks for the heads up. Also added the button for easy access. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Love your blog and instagram! Can you tell me where the gray sweathsirt is from that you are wearing in this post?

  • It's Athleta! Xx and thanks for following along xx

  • i found this in a google search. i really like your blog. hard to find something both informative and easy to read.
    fitness workout routines