{fashion} Wear Now, Wear Later

March 4, 2015


So naturally, she did this #puppymom
outfit 1 chiffon top (I love this) / jeans or leather leggings / boots (on sale!) / hat / wrap
outfit 2 tunic / cutoffs zara similar similar I love / boots (light tan, fits true to size) / rings c/o torchlight / SVPjewellery

outfit 3 old jcrew jean / top / favorite white jeans under $70 (order one size up) white jeans under $60

Instead of escaping the frigid gray Chicago days for Florida, the hubs and I drove to the conservatory for a short day date. Lately, we’ve been too tired for evening dates and I actually prefer gallivanting the city in daylight. But most importantly, here’s what I’m gallivanting in: lots of black (shocker) and saving these cutoffs, soft tunic and boots for later. Not too much later I hope! I’ll also switch up the boots with these old school favorites. In the meantime, back to reading Long Winter with my six year-old and dreaming of Spring. Because it’s just around the corner.

TAGS: Personal Style, Inspiration, Momstyle, Spring, Fashion

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  • Love that you are reading The Long Winter. Perfect timing, no less! 🙂 I have 2 boys, and seriously admire your rocking a brood of 4 beautiful babes, and pulling off such impeccable style for yourself day in and day out! I'm new to you blog and new to your Insta, but thanks for the awesome content and source of inspiration. Go girl! Sending prayers for new buds, greening blades, and warm sunny crisp Spring, from the rockies!


  • Love the conservatory. Perfect date and perfect style!

  • What great photos! I always love tuning in and have a ton of admiration for you!


  • Megan
    Thanks for reading and the encouragement! The Long Winter is great right? We just found little house on the Prairie on DVD and we're pretty excited;) ?

  • Elizabeth, ty! It's our favorite winter
    getaway!! Xx

  • Heidi
    Thanks for tuning in. That makes me smile. Have a good week! X