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September 23, 2015

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bomber jacket denimdenim  leather burberry


I’m often asked, How do I stay out of yoga pants? (Though I’m known to never pass up a stylish pair.) My answer is anything but breakthrough but here it is: basics. I invest in great basics. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see the same re-occurring pieces: red slinky heels, great jeans in blue, white and black, a classic moto jacket and the ubiquitous ray-bans. I love mixing and matching and so should you. The school drop off shouldn’t be complicated and won’t be when you have a plethora of basics to fall back on. My usual school drop off attire is an alpaca duster, cutoffs, a tee and trainers. And if the facts that second grade homework takes hours every evening and my toddler quit potty training and has resorted to diapers (cue the tears) aren’t reasons enough for simplicity, then I’m not sure what is. I have no time to dance around outfit planning. I’ve found that if you invest in enough quality pieces, you’ll only be resorting to yoga pants on the days you’re actually heading to yoga. Now, that’s revolutionary.

jeans MADEWELL / jacket BURBERRY

jeans 3X1 / top ANTHROPOLOGIE / jacket SAM EDELMAN / clogs TOPSHOP similar

denim top TALBOTS / fringe boot FARYLROBIN

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  • Lisa

    I love this Shalice x Spoken like a true Warrior Woman… Simplifying Our wardrobe so to minimise that morning brain fog… Whilst looking totally delicious in the process. Beautiful work sister? Although my persistent yoga pant wearing is in the continual hope that at some point in my day I will ACTUALLY hit the yoga mat! Truth!?❤️X

    • Shalice

      Lisa – LOL, I couldn’t agree more! I still don’t know any yoga. One day, perhaps??

  • I love this. I think too many women don’t think it possible to wear “real” clothes and do the mama hustle. Thank you for reminding us it is simple if we choose to function with a little planning and a handful of staples.

    • Shalice

      Thanks Abby, have a great week!

  • georgia

    love the denim skirt/shirt combo!! only you could pull that off so well. i used to tease mr. b. for wearing his jeans with a denim shirt. but you’ve made it chic again! now i tell him he looks pretty cool. =)

    • Shalice

      haha! What are you talking about?? brac can rock whatever!

  • Love your style and pics! Thanks for sharing!

    • Shalice

      Camee – Thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday 🙂

  • Nice flats 🙂
    Maria V.

  • Anne

    I’m obsessed with the lace-up flats featured here in red and blush and I cannot find them anywhere – where did you get them?!