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Wrapped: Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2017

Few outfits are easier to put on than a wrap dress. Especially on vacation. This week has been slower, more (actual face) time and lots of gathering around food and friends. We rented a house on in Dana Point, with friends from Chicago. It wasn’t easy but we found one that slept 12, yes 12 people! Even though that is a large amount of people, the house had two levels and the beautiful kitchen was ultimately what sold me.…

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Cyber Monday: Wrapped and Ready

November 28, 2016

What are you wearing for the holidays? An ugly sweater? Maybe more sequins? Well, seriously, what is more festive than a champagne wrap dress? Not much. I’m digging its laid back chic, champagne color and silky smooth comfort. Here, I styled it with camel tone boots and a natural lip. If we’re able to steal away for a date night, I’ll switch it up to these flirty sandals. Happy Cyber Monday, hope you can shop till you drop, in your robe,…

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