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How to Workout with Kids plus a Video

July 27, 2017

Many people ask me about my fitness routine and diet.  The truth is, I really don’t have a routine at all.  With four kids at home during the summer, my workout is keeping up with their high energy and high impact youthfulness.  I call my fitness more organic than routine. Here I’m showing a recent trip to our favorite park.  Getting the kids’ shoes on and them out the door is my typical warm up.  My fashion minded self always slaps on some lipstick too…

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5 Activewear Finds from the #Nsale

July 24, 2017

I’m usually really bad at getting to the gym, insert exercise bands and jump rope at home or the park. The kids don’t always like the gym nursery ( I don’t blame them) and do to keep the peace I workout whenever I can. It’s no secret that it makes it 100% easier to workout when I have new workout threads. I’m loving this workout bra and comfy pants I’ll also use again for the airport. I handpicked 5 activewear…

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5 Workouts to Do with your Kids

May 19, 2017

leggings c/o SWEATY BETTY :: my black tank UNDER ARMOR :: her black tee similar…

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All White with Nordstrom

October 31, 2016

shorts NORDSTROM :: bra NORDSTROM :: jacket UNDER ARMOR SIMILAR :: shoes NIKE ROSHE iD There’s nothing I like more than an all-white workout outfit. And nothing motivates me more to workout than a new outfit. Thank you Nordstrom for the awesome selection of activewear! This all-white workout outfit is super comfy and perfect for tennis with the kids (who have just started lessons), and a quick run. I love that Nordstrom makes returns so easy – so I’m able…

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Staying motivated with Nordstrom Activewear

October 30, 2016

  Nothing beats a refreshing run on the bridge at golden hour. Although, if I’m honest, I’ll admit I get tired and easily bored with daily workouts. So tunes, new gear (hello cute Nike tank!) and changing up my routine are essential. So many of you have asked for my diet and exercise routine. While I will not go into much detail, the five minute explanation is this. I usually run 3 times a week and strength training 1-2 times a week.…

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4 workout tips for the lazy

August 15, 2016

1. Start somewhere. They say it takes two weeks to create good habits. I recently got back into running. So hard. But beyond the benefits to the body, I started to see other benefits  – clearer thinking and better sleep. 2. Run to a fun destination. I’m a bored runner so I need music and a destination. I found I run better knowing I have a destination. 3. Add wall sits to your run. Warning, they’re killer! What are they?…

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Work Out Wednesday

July 20, 2016

Work Out Wednesday Get Musical This week I thought I’d share a playlist to get you through your workout. It’s an hour of tunes to get you warmed up then pumped up, and even cooled down. I chose my music carefully because I need a great beat that makes me forget I’m sweating, but I also want to make sure it’s something my kids can overhear without having an awkward conversation. So this playlist is full of confidence boosters and…

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