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Giveaway Outfits Style

Winner: Nordstrom gift card

July 13, 2016

   Gracias and thank you for ALL of your comments and entries. It made me think that I should do more giveaways! And I wish I had a gift card for each of you! I realized I have A LOT of mom’s that follow the blog, am I right? So, if I told you I’m honestly still tired from Monday’s doctor appointment with all four kids you would believe me. And actually, the kids have it harder because the recovery…

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Outfits Style

Madewell Folklore vibes

June 8, 2016

We’re back in LA and school is out. While I have mixed feelings about having all four kids at home, I have to say I’m excited to explore more of the LA area, namely the hills, the zoo, Venice Beach, and Lacy Park for picnics. And to those of you who ask how I keep my white jeans white? I never put them in the dryer. Instead, I leave them on the dry rack and the sun does my bleaching.…

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