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Jane Pope Jewelry: My Granny’s Ring

December 2, 2016

My Portuguese Granny was a lady with impeccable style and amazing taste in jewelry. My gold and turquoise ring that has become my signature piece was hers. After “borrowing” the ring in my teenage years, my mom gave me the ring when I started college; I have seldom taken it off since.  It goes with everything and I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked, “Where can I get that ring?” The ring of course is 70+ years old, and…

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Rethinking Ruffles

May 11, 2016

     Anyone who knows me well knows that I stay away from too many ruffles and neon pink, the latter of which makes me gag. However, Chloè’s new line is convincing me otherwise.  That said, I do feel more like myself when I pair these white ruffles with an edgy leather jacket and versatile tan boots. This look also works with wide leg pants and Chanel flats to dress it up.  Sporting these white ruffles, I can’t help but…

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