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Nordstrom: Kids Winter Style

December 10, 2017

girls dresses // boots similar // fair isle sweater // buffalo check jacket // boys jeans // boys shoes and boys sandals  // my sweater // jeans // heels // beret similar // photo’s by Felicia Lasala I ordered a TON from Nordstrom Kids before we left for our trip to Vail. Us not living in a cold weather climate and donating lots of our coats just before we moved out of Chicago left us with a laundry list of items to purchase…

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Family Outfits Style

Weekend: 5 Items under $100

September 29, 2017

wrap similar // heels // jeans What are you up to this weekend? We are shooting our halloween looks, getting boba tea, a Saturday soccer game and let’s just hope we make it on time to all of it. I love to savor family time together and I hope you do as well. Happy Weekend 😉 Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes: “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good…

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Fashion Outfit Style

3 Things I’ve learned as a Mom

February 13, 2017

3 Things I’ve learned as a Mom: 1. Not everything will be perfect. Plan for the worst. In which case, my mom bag is stocked with lollipops, trail mix, almonds for me and hubby and Fig bars for the kids from Costco. I’ve learned these items make anything from traffic delays to waiting at the doctor’s office, MUCH smoother. 2. Enjoy the moments. This is harder than it reads. And to do this successfully you will have to say NO…

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Fall Fashion Fashion Outfit Outfits Style

Comfy Pants FTW

October 27, 2016

  My baby has been requesting sword fights and refusing kisses. Yup, he’s joined the ranks of all the three-nagers. Cue the tears. However, I’m still loving this short time I have with him at home. His questions, his voice and occasional naps while laying on me. The latter I won’t lie is uncomfortable, but its precious. Since I work from home, I love switching it up with flowey pants – a nice change from the faux leather skinnies. And…

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