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August 2, 2016

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Q & A 

1. How is it having a large family in Los Angeles? I think it’s important to know what places, and neighborhoods are more kid friendly etc. Read my post on 5 kid friendly LA.

2. When do you style outfits? Honestly, some of the best “editing” i.e. trying on, taking off, and more mixing, less matching happens when the house is quiet, the last child has gone to sleep! I can gather my thoughts, write copy, and return emails.

3. Tell us something we don’t know . . . Well, I have 250 pairs of shoes in my house, but can never find a pen. True Story.

4. Will we be seeing any short videos coming soon? Yes! Glad you asked, we filmed one last week coming soon! Eeek! I’m somewhat camera shy, so it was fun to crawl out of my shell. Meanwhile, just enjoy my short boomerangs on Instagram.

5. Where are you going next? I’m planning a trip to NYC, so comment with your must see, must eat, must drink, must everything.

6. Tell us about your week  . . . My family has been in town which means we’re going to the beach, using 14 eggs for scrambled eggs in the morning and using lots of paper plates. No shame! And did I mention, there’s an inch of sand on my floors? It has been a treat seeing the cousins bond all over again since last seeing each other in January. If you think about it, its really just a short time together before they all part ways, some to different schools and a very wide 2200 miles away from each other. I get choked up just thinking about it. I am also needing versatility in my dressing since time is always of the essence as a busy mom.

Any Last Words? Sometimes you just need a $39 dress worn as a top, and laugh about all the scrambled eggs on the floor. Memories in the making.

dress LEITH (only $39 till August 8th!)  :: jeans AG JEANS (fits tts, also on sale!) :: sandals AGL


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  • Maridel Soriente Dubb

    Love the outfit as usual! 🙂 You should definitely try The Meatball Shop (lower east side location). There are pretty cool/chill bars within walking distance too. The atmosphere is great. The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park is great for brunch, very picturesque (perfect for your outfit shots)…27 Dresses shot a scene there as well as that scene from Sex and the City when Carrie and Big fell into the water! Haha.

    • Maridel – great recommendations! Haha we always are scouting backgrounds, thanks!

  • Leyla

    Love the Q&A!! I don’t know how you manage a big family in a big but you always look good doing it. 🙂 A true inspiration!

    • Leyla! Well, my sister is an awesome cook and I haven’t been wearing mascara, lol. Happy Tuesday!

  • This Q & A format is real fun! I’d encourage it every now and then because I love learning more and more about you and your family Shalice. And yes to a dress as a top–easiest double use out there!

    Enjoy your time with family.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    • Thanks Ann, I plan to do more! I’m a big fan of a random q&a, and always welcome more questions! Have fun in WA!

  • Love the Q & A! Have a great time in NYC!

    • Jenn – thanks! it’s super hard to get away, lol, but looking forward to it. Happy Tuesday!

  • Carrie Colbert

    Shalice – you look amazing! Love the Q&A. Glad LA is treating your family well.


    • Thanks Carrie! Yes, it’s sad being away from family but loooooving LA 😉

  • Micaela

    Love the Q&A. Have a great time in NYC. Some recommendations: the Smith for Sunday brunch (although their entire menu is good ), Gallow Green for rooftop drinks (if you can get some alone time with your husband), Toloache for some great Mexican food, the 9/11 memorial and Freedom Tower (book ahead of time online), all the museums (The Met, MOMA, Whitney, Guggenheim), Grand Central Station (don’t forget to look up at the ceiling)…the list is endless. Have fun!

    • Micaela
      Glad you liked! Thanks for all your tips! I will be sure to look up at Grand Central Station and think of you 😉