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My Beach Essentials

June 29, 2016


Some of our best beach days are when I’ve planned ahead, really thought it through, and even then I usually manage to forget something. However, here’s the shortlist template to must-haves for that Laguna Beach weekend spent mostly on the sand with a short detour toZinc Café and possibly Active Culture. Happy almost long weekend!

kaftan The Plunge Collective / hat Forever 21 / her dress NIGHTCAP

  1. Healthy Snacks, we like DRIED MANGO
  3. Chair I love this portable fold up one! PICNIC TIME
  4. Cutoffs ONE TEASPOON
  5. Kaftan THE PLUNGE COLLECTIVE keeps you cool
  6. Beach Tote SENSI STUDIO

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  • Jennifer Do

    Love your beach dress!

  • Such a great cover-up! Loving how your little cutie is working that hat! Adorbs!

    • Thx Jenn, she loooooved the dress and the hat worked for the hotter than hot day !! Xx

  • Thanks for the list!! I always forget stuff too…Mmm like sunscreen 🙈 I love Zinc cafe and Laguna Beach rules!!