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Little Red Dress

July 15, 2016

2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-368-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-384-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-388-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-391-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-394-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-537-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-538-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-559-Edit 2016_07_12_ShaliceNoel8-579-EditYou know the moment you’re not ready for full on extensions but you want the length? That’s where I was hair-wise. A couple months ago we cut four inches off, mostly split ends, in the name of keeping my hair healthy. It was painful, but in the back of my head, I knew I could get length be it clip-ins or extensions. I ended up doing the former with advising from my stylist. We got 18″ color matched to my hair. And to help it blend, my stylist cut both my hair and the extensions to make it fill in nicely. It is fun and somewhat easy to install and great for shoots or events. Or take them out when I don’t want the weight. I mean, who doesn’t like options? Forward any more of your questions and I’ll try and answer them.

Happy Friday!

dress RVN / SIMILAR and SIMILAR under $50/ bag REBECCA MINKOFF / sneakers AGL

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  • You can never go wrong with a LRD! Love this!

    • Thanks Maggie – My go-to lately. Happy weekend!

  • Loving this look – and the hair is perfection!

    • Thanks Jenn – It’s a fun addition. Happy Saturday 😉

  • Kat Dizon McLane

    I love the red dress but I love love the 2nd to the last pic with the unexpected sneakers! Cute look!

    • Thanks Kat! I figured I’d rather wear cozy sneakers for date night than another pair of heels. Have a great weekend!

  • This dress!!! OMG! You look so beautiful! I also love that you wore it with sneakers <3

    • Ha ha you’re the sweetest – the sneakers were so comfy!! xoxo